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Bodhgaya Travel

Massive Buddha, BodhgayaPrince Gautama achieved enlightenment in this sacred place under the Bodhi or Asvatta tree some 2500 years ago and came to be known as Lord Buddha. Bodhgaya is counted as one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage center apart from the other three viz, Lumbini where his highness had taken birth, Sarnath the place of the first lecture near Varanasi, and finally the place of his death at Kushinagar, near Gorakhpur.

The surroundings of Bodhgaya are all filled with temples and even the Tibetan pilgrims are seen coming for worship in the winters. The temple in Bodhgaya is made on a square platform, with four pillars around each corner. The 1700 years old image of Buddha inside the temple is in the Marshallings Audra touching the groundwater. Tourists from all over the world travel Bodhgaya, to study Buddhism and the art of meditation or to simple pay homage to Lord Buddha.

Location of Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya is situated in the state of Bihar, that takes pride for being the gateway to the places of Buddhist importance like Nalanda and Vaishali. The place is located about 13 km from Gaya and around 450 km west of Calcutta, and 90 km south of Patna.

The best time to travel Bodhgaya is during the winters from October to March. The place is full of pilgrim tourists in the month of January every year.

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Major Buddhist Travel Attractions
Bodhisattva Temple - The temple is located at the same place at which Lord Buddha got enlightenment. It consists of a tower 179 ft in height. To the inner side of the sanctum there is a statue of Lord Buddha and a Siva linga to the center of the temple. The temple is also considered sacred to the Hindus since it was believed that Lord Buddha was the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The place of Bodhgaya is so special to the Hindus that if the last rites are offered to the 'Akshayabat' or immortal banyan tree, in the yard of Vishnupad temple it is believed that the soul of the dead reaches heaven. The temple is believed to be standing on the site of a shrine, erected by Ashoka in the 3rd century B.C.

Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya Bodhi Tree - Considered to be a descendent of the tree under which Lord Gautam took enlightenment, it lies besides a red sand stone slab that is thought to be vajrasana or the diamond throne on which Buddha sat during his period of attaining nirvana. The tree located behind the temple is of 80 feet in height and around 115 year old. It is the place from where the ten commandments had spread far and wide through out the world.

Dharma Chakra - The Tibetan monastery houses the massive Dharma Chakra or the wheel of law. The monks at these places gives vital discourses leading to purification of the mind and heart according to the principles laid down in the Buddhist scriptures.

Parasnath Hill - At a distance of just 40 km from Bodh Gaya lies the earliest Buddhist rock cut caves. In this sacred place, it is believed that 22 'tirthankaras' out of the 24 tirthankaras attained salvation. It is deemed one of the most important pilgrim centers for the Jains.

Gaya - Gaya lying near about 16 km from Bodhgaya is a holy place of the Hindus who come to offer oblation for obtaining salvation of their forefathers by offering the ashes of the deceased in the holy place. The temple of Vishnupad on the bank of river Falgu is also a place often visited by the pilgrims.

Other Attractions
Barabar Cave - The caves of Barabar and Nagarjuni Hills, situated about 41 km from Bodhgaya gives a detail picture of the life of the Lord Buddha. Among the seven rock cut hill caves, four are in the Barabar hills.

Statues of Buddha, Bodhgaya
Small decorative items associated with Buddhism like statues of Buddha made of various metals, sandalwood beads etc can be bought. Bodhgaya is a small town where such items are easily available in most of the shops.

Comfortable stay is available in various hotels, dormitories, monasteries and guest houses. There are two hotels, Hotel Siddhartha Vihar and Hotel Buddha Vihar of Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation while Indian Tourism Development Corporation has Hotel Bodhgaya Ashok.

How to Reach
By Air - The nearest airport is the Patna airport situated at a distance of 105 Km from Bodhgaya.
By Rail - The nearest Railway station is at Gaya 16 Km from the town of Bodhgaya. Gaya is a major railhead and is connected to the rest of India.
By Road - Bodhgaya is connected by road to Gaya and Patna lying 105 Km away.

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