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Sravasti Travel

Lord Buddha Statue, SravastiThe ancient capital of Kosala Mahajanpada, Sravasti was the biggest town in the Gangetic plains of India. Travel to Sravasti, which was believed to be the first missionary place in India from where Lord Buddha started preaching his religion through out the world. It was in Sravasti in India that he made the atheist king of Koshal believe in the power of God by showing him the miracle of enlightenment on lotus of 100 petals. Sravasti India has the distinction of being the place from where the Lord preached most of his sermons and also for being the place which sheltered him for most from the rainy seasons (in total of 24 in number). Travel to Sravasti to know and see the travel attractions and places of Buddhist interests.

Location of Sravasti
Sravasti is situated in the Gonda district of eastern Uttar Pradesh and can be travelled conveniently from Lucknow which is located 134 km away from Lucknow.

Climate of Sravasti
Summers are hotter than expected while winters are also chilling. The best time to travel Sravasti is from the month of October to April.

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Major Travel Attraction in Sravasti
Jetavana Monastery - One of the major travel attraction of Sravasti, Jetavana monastery is where Lord Buddha used to stay during his time in Sravasti has 2 pillars on either side built by emperor Ashoka. Jetavana Monastery in present days has two monasteries, six temples and five Stupas.

Jetavana Monastery, Sravasti Swetambara Temple - Sravasti is not only famous as a Buddhist Pilgrimage center but it is a major travel attractions of the Jains. The place was under the influence of Lord Mahavira, the last Jain Tirthankar. Thousand of Jain pilgrimage travel to this place to pay their respect to their Almighty. The Sobhnath Temple is believed to be the birthplace of the Jain Tirthankar Sambhavnath.

Temple No-2 - This temple bears the ruins of the Gandha-Kuti or Perfumed Chamber built by Anathapindika for the use of Lord Buddha. The original Kuti was made at the time of the Chinese pilgrims. Today, the lower walls and stone plinth of the original two storeyed brick building is to be found.

Temple No-3 - This is believed to be the site of the original Kosambi-Kuti. It was built by Anathapitaka and there was also a meditation chamber constructed for the Lord. A long platform marks the original promenade used by the Buddha for the walking meditation in complete silence.

Ananda Bodhi Tree - At the entrance of the Jetavana Garden, the Bodhi Tree was planted at the request of Anasthapitaka as a symbol of worship when Lord Buddha is not in Sravasti. The Bodhi tree is famous for the tree under which the Lord took his enlightenment. This sacred tree was brought as a cutting from the Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka, which itself grew from a sapling of the original Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya.

Travel Attractions Nearby Sravasti
Sankissa - The present village of Basantpur in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh. It lies on the banks of the river Kali and is the place where the Lord Buddha descended from heaven along with Lord Brahma and Devraj Indra after giving a discourse to his mother, Mayadevi. Later, Emperor Ashoka erected a pillar with an elephant capital to mark this holy spot.
Ananda Bodhi Tree, Sravasti

The Uttar Pradesh Government Tourist Bungalow at Balrampur and other prominent Hotels are available at the pilgrimage place. Hotel Lotus Nikko is one of the best hotels to count for the visitors who wants a comfortable stay in and around Sravasti.

How to Reach Sravasti
By Air - The nearest airport is Lucknow which is 151 km away from the place of Sravasti.
By Rail - The nearest rail head is situated at Balrampur railway station, 19 km far from the town.
By Road - The most convenient way to reach Sravasti on roads is through the route of Lucknow.

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