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Orchha Tour

Temples of Bundela Kings, OrchhaLocation
"A hidden archaeological legacy of medieval India with treasure of spiritual tranquility, like poetry written on stones embraces orchha."

Orchha is a small town between Jhansi and Khajuraho in the northern part of Madhyha Pradesh. Situated on the banks of the river Betwa, it was once the capital of Bundelkhand. Located at a distance of 16 kms from Jhansi, Orchha still preserve the pristine charm and tales of war, peace and destruction.

The climate of Orchha is temperate. Summers are not extremely hot and the winters are cold yet pleasant.The suitable period to visit Orchha is between October to March.
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About Orchha in India
Orchha had the distinction of being the capital of one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms of Central India, the Bundela dynasty. The architectural splendor of the monuments in Orchha reflects the glory of its rulers. The word Orchha means 'hidden' and this name was given at the time when the Tughlaqs, who were ruling Delhi in the 15th century pushed the Bundelkhand rajas out of Garkhundar forcing them to retreat to distant Orchha.

History of Orchha in India
The Bundela Rajput chief, Rudra Pratap, founded the city, located by the side of the beautiful Betwa River in the 16th century. It was also the capital of Bir Singh Deo, who built the Jahangir Mahal to please the Mughul emperor Jahangir,

Blood, war and sacrifice are the keywords to describe the Rajputs of the Bundela dynasty, which ruled over Orchha for over two centuries beginning from 1531 A.D. They developed it as a stronghold of Rajput power in India and as a symbol of love and valour. It is also said that there was a Rajput prince who intended to offer himself as a sacrifice to Vindhyavasini, the goddess of the Vindhya hills.
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Major attractions of Orchha in India
Raja Mahal - The Palace was constructed by Madhukar Shah who succeded Bir Singh Deo. It is one among the oldest historical monuments in the fort arena, The Raja Mahal or the King's Palace is famous for its chhatris or cenotaphs and the exquisite murals on the interiors. The Palace has a private room for the king, a room for the special guests,who use to receive special favours from the king, and rooms made for the harem. The Mahal depicts pictures from religious scriptures.
Chhatris of Raja Mahal
The Laxminarayan Temple - The temple sits on a hill north west to the village Orchha. The temple contains the most exquisite paintings of the 17th and 19th century, but still, even today the colours appear as vibrant and fresh as at the time of making.There are scenes from the Battle of Jhansi as well as an illustration of the life of lord Krishna.

Jahangir Mahal - Considered as the best piece of architecture in Orchha, the Jahangir Mahal reminds the friendship between the Mughals and the Bundelas for a long time. The entrance gate of the palace has two bowed elephants on each side accentuating the Islamic architectural style which is the hallmark of the palace. It also gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape from the multi -storeyed balconies.
Chatturbhuj Temple - One of the city's greatest attraction is the Chatturbhuj Temple, which is situated right opposite the Raja Mahal. Dedicated to the four-armed deity, Chatturbhuj (which literally means four-arms), the temple has plenty of light and space inside, a feature unusual for a Hindu temple. Maharani Ganesh Kunwar, wife of Orchha's ruler, Raja Madhukar, constructed the temple to specially house the idol of Lord Rama .

The Temple has a huge cross-shaped congregation hall that caters to devotees of the Krishna-bhakti cult, who throng the complex. Conical shikharas (spires) crown the sanctuary of the spacious Chatturbhuj Temple.

The Phool Bagh Garden - The walled Phool Bagh gardens, a cool summer retreat beside the Palki Mahal, stand memorial to Dinman Hardol son of Bir Singh Deo who died to prove his innocence to his elder brother Jhujhar. Also worth seeing are the impressive chhatris (cenotaphs) to Orchha's rulers.
Tiger, Panna Tiger Reserve

Nearby attractions of Orchha in India
Panna Tiger Reserve, which is 174 kms from Orchha, is famous for tigers, leopards, spotted deers, and the river Ken flowing through it. It is a great place for wild life adventure. Also places like Siddi -Baba- Ka -Satham, Janki Mandir, Hanuman Mandir at Ohharwedwara are worth seeing.

How to Reach Orchha in India
By Air - Nearest airports from Orchha are Gwalior (25Kms) or Khajuraho (1732 Kms.).
By Rail - The nearest railway station is at Jhansi (18 km from Orchha). As Jhansi is located on the main Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai route, many trains pass and stop here.
By Road - Orchha lies on the Jhansi - Khajuraho road. Regular bus services connect Orchha with Jhansi. There are regular bus service from -Jhansi (25Kms), Delhi, Gwalior, Agra, Bhopal and Varanasi.

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